Welcome to One Point Center Aikido.

After almost twenty-five years of teaching Aikido in Oak Park, Dianne Costanzo Sensei is thrilled to offer
traditional Aikido in the lineage of Shihan Fumio Toyota to those in the Lake Geneva area.

As we move past COVID, it is time to build community and to practice “the art of peace” in person.
In addition to being a dynamic and effective martial art, Aikido provides its practitioners internal
 virtues, including respect, perseverance, and responsibility.
All are welcome.

To keep everyone safe, those who wish to practice need to show proof of vaccination.

Classes begin April 2, 2022!



= = T O K U S H I N K A N   D O J O = = O N E   P O I N T   C E N T E R   A I K I D O = =